Rockz is now available to play online.

Run applet(Java applet)(Native JVM)(444K)
Run applet(Java applet)(Plugin JVM)(444K)
WebStart *(Java application)(WebStart)(444K)
Download(Jar file)(Jar)(444K)

Rockz conforms to the Personal Java specification - and so should also run on some palmtop devices.

See the Baby Rockz page for more details.

Note: users of Netscape 4.xx, Mozilla, Opera or AOL should visit the information page first.

Java challenged? Visit The Rockz Gallery to see what you're missing.

A page offering more information about Rockz is also available.

Interested in Java puzzles for mobile devices? Check our MIDP project, Tilt.

Visit the Rockz project page on SourceForge.

Visit a page describing the Rockz editor.

A page about the author of Rockz.

Links to games on other sites.

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