The Rockz level editor

From here you can run the level editor as an applet (Java applet) (420K).

The editor is not very useful as an applet - since the restrictions placed on unsigned applets mean that it is incapable of saving.

To do anything more than look briefly at it, download the Jar file, extract its contents, and run it offline as an application.


The editor doesn't come with much in the way of instructions. Fortunately, much of the operation is fairly self-explanatory.

The editor can be used to play the levels. You do not need to test the levels in a separate program.

You will find modifying clicks with SHIFT and CONTROL to be useful.

The editor does not deal with all aspects of creating levels for Rockz. To do anything useful, you will need to supplement it with a text editor.

The level file format is reasonably human-readable. However, note that it is currently case sensitive - and sensitive to the positioning of spaces and newlines.

If you edit a level after playing it, clicking "Reset level" is recommended.

Snakes are somewhat problematical. Make sure there is a vacant space at either end of them - and don't try editing a level with snakes on after playing it.


A list of texture names (and their corresponding images) is available.


The version on this page is not always kept in step with the main "Rockz" release. If you want the most up-to-date version, you can always mail me.

Good luck! |